Curiolex at a glance.

“Curiolex is a fast growing company servicing the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors by offering quality supply of a range of valuable Key Starting Materials and Speciality Chemicals”

Curiolex is a dedicated trading company with a core business in Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Key Stating Materials (KSMs) and raw materials. Our focus is to provide high quality product on time with all needed documentation support to our clients and facilitate the delivery of product from manufacturer to end-user. Our Commercial team is comprised of seasoned professionals with technical degrees and background who understand the related technologies used in the production process and the required QA for establishing product quality.


Curiolex is dedicated to our customers and suppliers. With nearly 15 years of experience in chemical trading and distribution in China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, Curiolex has a well-established Platform for supply and sourcing from the Asia region. We understand local markets and supply chains, and can quickly react to any market challenges and changes. We are strongly focused on serving the needs of our customers and strive for clear and flexible business models.


CHRISTIAN A. SANDOVAL — Managing Director of Curiolex


Curiolex has established supply chains and logistics networks offering reliable global product supply. Our QA team works with manufacturers to guarantee quality and provide outstanding customer service

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Curiolex has long-term partnerships with Pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturers in China (with GMP, with GMP type QA Management, etc.) to locate and source the best quality/price ratio supplier to meet customer requirements

Deuterated Compounds
With strong connection to leading deuterated-compound suppliers in China and Taiwan, Curiolex provides competitive pricing for a range of quality deuterated-products with all relevant documentation and technical support

CMO projects completed

Our technical team of Synthetic Chemists and Analytical staff are experts in the development of manufacturing processes which we then pass on to our CMO partners for large scale manufacturing contracts

R & D Capabilities
Curiolex has advanced R&D facilities and an expert team to carry out Pharmaceutical and Chemical product research activities involving synthesis, manufacturing and all aspects of technical product development. Our in-house analytical team provides QC and QA support during product or process development, while also supporting quality assessment of Curiolex trading activities. We also have a dedicated team to conduct technology transfer to our client’s facilities and guarantee R&D project delivery on budget and time requirements.